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7 Secrets Of The Original Star Wars Saga That Even Fans Don't Know
03.28.2022 | Sunnypuzzle | 1

Luxinar-Rosie Laser's Star Wars saga has always toyed with mysteries and secrets in its plot ("I'm your father"), but the truth is, the movies and their making have their own hidden histories. To reveal it, we bring you 7 secrets that even fans of the legend don't know . As you'll see, some are fun, but some are more disturbing…

7 Secrets of the Original Star Wars Saga

1. Return of the Jedi will be darker

In the classic trilogy, "Star Wars III: Return of the Jedi" is undoubtedly the weakest film. To use a more naive argument, because you have to sell Ewok plush toys, the original plan was very different.

Leia was not Luke's sister and became queen after the Empire's defeat, but at the cost of being isolated from her friends in the rebellion. Luke left to explore the galaxy and his ways as a Jedi and Han... Han died .

Other than that, there is no Ewok no other Death Star. But when The Empire Strikes Back was filming, those plans were scrapped, as versions could satisfy a larger audience and sell more toys.


2. TIE-Fighters' voice is made with...

The sound of the Tie-Fighters

An elephant howl mixed with the sound of cars driving on wet asphalt.

A bizarre detail about Star Wars, commenting over dinner with friends lets the awkward silence go away while they continue to wonder if you can get a job right away.

3. The most epic part of the trilogy was improvised

We don't mean "I'm your father" when we open it, but Han Solo 's response when Leia tells him she loves him. "I know," our favorite hooligan replied, with a gesture only Harrison Ford knew.


The script says "I love you too ," but Ford's career in the film is based on his indifferent looks and improvisational pearls staying in the film.

4. Few people knew Darth Vader was Luke's father

Thanks to Lucas's passion and the fact that there is no internet, the great revelations are kept under wraps and not as obsessed as we are, not stopping to check every detail but becoming adults.

The original script said Vader revealed that he killed Anakin , Luke's father. Mark Hamill learned the truth seconds before filming, only to be discovered by the rest of the cast when they saw him in the film.

Harrison Ford probably didn't know it yet because he didn't bother to see anything. We have no evidence, but no doubt.


5. Shooting is a wild party

Carrie Fisher's nail

Especially from Empire . The biography of Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), has accounted for a large amount of drugs consumed on set , which has led to addiction problems throughout her life.

But it is, for example, in the scenes of Cloud City, where Ford and her hangover after a party in London Rolling Stones and Monty Python , where they consume everything.

Star Wars is a wild party, and we can all see Fisher's "nails" in Star Wars III: Return of the Jedi and we've put it a little higher. Ford's face also hinted that the party never stopped.


6. Fear of Mistaking Chewbacca for Bigfoot

Rumors have been swirling in Star Wars III: Return of the Jedi that Chewbacca had to walk through the forests of Crescent City, California, where the Endor Moon scene was filmed, accompanied by workers in reflective vests.

Why? So they don't mistake him for Bigfoot and shoot him . Peter Mayhew himself confirmed on Reddit that the rumor was true .

7. Joda is played by a monkey

More signs of cappuccino, with crutches and mask. Apparently, the monkey understands to act like he keeps taking off his mask and does whatever he wants. So Yoda became a puppet.

As you can see, the historical Star Wars is fascinating, but its secrets aren't far behind. And we haven't talked about the Ewok actors wearing their costumes, ahem, you imagine, or the miniature painters hiding little Playboy posters on the models...